8th Grade High School Application Resources

8th Grade HS Application Resources

In preparation for High school all 8th grade students must complete a high school application.  The process is relatively simple but it does require time to research, decide on, and prioritize which high schools you would like to apply to.   High school application welcome letters have been mailed home and were emailed to each student The welcome letters contain directions in setting  up a MYSchools account from which high school applications will be submitted. The letters also contains a unique code that is needed to set up the MySchools account.

This page contains directions, guides, and links to all aspects of the High school application process.


MySchools Account setup

  1. Go to MySchools.nyc
  2. Click or tap “Get Started.” Follow the on-screen instructions and click or tap "next" once you have entered the required information.
  3. You will receive a confirmation email from MySchools.  Follow the link in the email and enter the required information then click or tap "submit.
  4. Click “Add a child” to connect your child to your account. On the next screen, enter your child’s 9- digit student ID number (OSIS)
  5. Enter your child’s unique MySchools Account Creation Code, found in your welcome letter.

If you have more than one child applying to high school or middle school this year, you will get one welcome letter for each child.

Subscribe for Application and Admissions Updates

Go to Schools notification sign up to fill out the form to receive  admissions tips and updates, including when the high school application and Specialized High Schools registration periods will open and close.

NYC Schools Account Creation

  1. email our parent coordinator, Kim Perez (kperez11@schools.nyc.gov)  for your unique account creation code.
  2. go to NYSCA signup to create your account.
  3. Follow the directions and enter the requred information and select "validate email"
  4. you will receive a verification code email from NYC Schools account.
  5. Enter the verification code and select "submit"
  6. Enter your secutity questions and select "submit"
  7. Enter your child's OSIS number and your account creation code and select "submit"

A NYC Schools account will allow you to:

  • Track your child’s education on any computer, phone, or tablet no matter which NYCDOE school they go to.
  • See your child's grades, attendance, fitness results, schedule, and more, in all DOE languages
  • Get updates on your child's specific school, including any closures or COVID-19-related updates

Specialized High School Admissions (only if you are interested in applying to a specialized high school)

For the eight testing Specialized High Schools, apply to any/all of these schools by registering for, then taking the Specialized High Schools Admissions Test (SHSAT):

  • Step 1. Register by January 15, 2021, to take the SHSAT. Log in to your MySchools(Open external link) account and click “Get Started.” Then click the “SHSAT” tab. Here, list any/all of these schools in your true preference order, starting with your top choice as #1. After taking the SHSAT, your child will be considered for admission to the Specialized High Schools you list on this page, in the order listed. Submit your registration for the test.
  • Step 2. Take the SHSAT. Testing will begin on January 27. 8th grade public school students will take the SHSAT at their current school. Other students will take the SHSAT at DOE locations. These locations, along with all test dates, will be shared soon.

For the one audition Specialized High School, Fiorello H. LaGuardia High School of Music & Art and Performing Arts, apply by registering to audition, then submitting audition materials. Please note that the SHSAT is not used for admission to LaGuardia.

  • Step 1. Register to audition by February 23, 2021. Log in to your MySchools(Open external link) account and click "Get Started.” Then click the “LaGuardia” tab. Here, indicate which programs your child wants to audition for. There are six programs at LaGuardia High School, and students can audition for just one program, all six, or anything in between. Submit your registration to audition.
  • Step 2. Submit your audition by March 1. All high school auditions this year—including for LaGuardia High School—will take place virtually. Applicants will submit audition files through a new Virtual Audition Submission Tool(Open external link); this tool is not yet open, and we will notify schools and families when you can access it. Updated requirements for audition programs are available on our High School Auditions page; these will be posted in the MySchools (Open external link)directory in the coming weeks. 


For more information on specialized high schools visit NYC Specialized High Schools Page

High School Application Resources

Important High school Application/Admissions Dates

Important High school Admissions Dates

January 15, 2021 – SHSAT Registration Deadline

January 18. 2021 – High school Application opens

January 27, 202- SHSAT (will be administered at AMT)

February 23. 2021 – High school Application closes

NYC High School Admissions Page

You can find additional information regarding high school admissions and applications at the NYC High School Application Page.

Need Help?

If you need assistance with any part of the High School Application Process please contact:


NYCDOE Enrollment Support (718)935-2009       Mon-Fri 8am to 6pm,  Sat-Sun 9am to 1pm

Ms. Matos, Guidance Counselor LMatos9@schools.nyc.gov

Mr. Chojnacki, Assistant Principal kchojnacki@schools.nyc.gov